Monday, October 20, 2014

If You Drive A Car, Need Self Defense And Need To Hide Stuff... You've Found The Right Source!

Be prepared for emergencies when driving around in your car. These handy self defense tools are perfect for taking with you during commutes to work or for long trips, as well!

OK, you probably don't understand the part, "need to hide stuff"! But sometimes when we are driving around, especially in bad neighborhoods, it makes sense to be able to hide your money and jewelry in a safe place.

We have a self defense package in our website that has the essentials to protect you when driving, that also includes a pepper spray! Below you will see a list of the products included.

Car and Truck Emergency Safety Kit
- Nap Zapper Driver Sleep Alarm
- Car Emergency Tool
- Engine Degreaser Can Safe
- Pepper Spray w/ Auto Visor Clip
- Stun Master Stun Gun 7.5 Million Volts
- FREE Shipping

For details of all the items included in this wonderful safety package, go to the Car and Truck Emergency Safety Kit!

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