Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Reliable Good Ole Pepper Spray!

In case you didn't know, pepper spray has been used as a weapon for a long time. It dates back to ancient Chinese wars!

It's very HOT and brings devastation to any aggressor or rapist. Women are the ones that mostly use it and this old but improved weapon has evolved into a very reliable, non lethal self defense unit. There are many to choose from on our website, but we are going to focus on two models, specifically… The Hard Case and Soft Case units made by StreetWise.

Both the hard and soft case units spray 6 bursts and can reach 5-7 feet away. These self defense units for women like most others, shoot a STREAM, not a cone shaped mist like hair products do. Making it a stream is intentional. It prevents the wind from shooting the pepper back at you! All our units also include a UV Marking Dye. This facilitates the identification of an attacker, if he is captured by police.

Both the hard and soft case models have a safety lock, convenient key ring and an expiration date, as well. You will find the expiration date under the hard case units, by pulling on the keyring and taking the bottom cap off. The soft cases have them under the bottom of the canister that is inside the soft case.

Pick from 6 different colors of the hard or soft cases. Don't become a victim of an aggressor or a rapist! Also available in Hard Case Bulk or Soft Case Bulk.

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