Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Ultimate Disguised Weapon: Mace Pepper Pen!

Carry it with you anywhere you go. Be it to college, the office or a nightclub. This disguised self defense unit is very handy to put in your purse, briefcase, backpack or place it in your pocket because it also has a clip!   

This popular unit from our website called the Mace Pepper Spray Pen, doesn't only look like a pen it actually works like one too. It writes just like any other writing utensil. The Mace Pepper Spray Pen, is also refillable. If you use up the hot substance, you can  REFILL IT!

Women and college students, especially, should never go without some sort of protection. This unit blends perfectly with the college atmosphere. Students need pens and what better a pen than this self defense one?

Plus it goes without saying that if you're one of those night owl women and like to go to nightclubs, you should definitely take this Mace Pepper Spray Pen with you! It won't use up much space, but it will pack a surprise punch to a potential attacker or rapist.

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