Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Jesse Matthew Indicted In Fairfax City Sexual Assault Case

Authorities say that Jesse Matthew Jr. seems to have a record of rapes, dating back since he was a teenager!

Jesse Matthew Jr.
Below you will find a list of rape cases that might be linked to Jesse Matthew Jr. They were gathered from communities where he lived, where dead bodies of women have been found. They also include sexual assaulted women that disappeared and were presumed dead, while he was in college.

Alleged Cases Linked To Jesse Matthew Jr.
• Hannah Graham
• Sophie May Rivera
• Cassandra Ann Morton
• Morgan Harrington

It is not conclusive that he sexually assaulted the women listed above, but there is a big possibility that he might have. Read more and watch video HERE.

Source: The Washington Post.
Contributors: Jennifer Jenkins and T. Rees Shapiro

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