Friday, October 17, 2014

Need A Stun Gun That Also Works As A Flashlight?

It looks like and works like a regular flashlight, but it's also a weapon with 4 Million volts of self defense!
Flashlights are always handy to have around, and this one is also small enough to keep in a purse if you are a woman or if you wish, carry it in it's holster. The Security Guard Stun Flashlight 4 Million Volts, is perfect for people that like to take evening strolls after dinner or take their dog out for their last evening walk! Women or men that like to party or to go to nightclubs, will love this little self defense unit, that looks like a flashlight…

Touching an intruder or rapist with this unit will drop them to the ground and render them temporarily helpless. Keep touching them for a few seconds until they drop! Don't ever feel guilty of practicing self defense, when your life is at stake. Rapist or criminals don't care about you and will hurt you if you don't carry a self defense unit!

This unit is non lethal, rechargeable, has a rubberized coating to prevent slipping from your hands, wrist strap and includes a safety switch, as well.

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