Monday, October 27, 2014

Do You Need The Most Powerful Police Force Stun Baton?

OK, so you are not a police man or woman, but you take your family's safety seriously. This unit is perfect for home security or when you are on the go!

Some things are just a part of life… Be it taking a stroll around your neighborhood block after dinner, driving to and from work or simply just relaxing in your house or apartment… The Police Force Tactical Stun Baton Flashlight 10 Million Volts, is perfect to include in your life for you and the safety of your family.

This unit has all you need to defend yourself or your family. Use it for self defense, home security or for safety when you are in your vehicle. In fact it has two chargers… One for your house wall socket and one for charging the unit in your car or truck! Check out the incredible features for this must have, self defense baton.

Police Force Tactical Stun Baton Flashlight 10 Million Volts
- Most powerful unit of it's kind in the market
- Originally engineered for law enforcement and the military
- Car or wall charging accessories, always ready
- Triple stun technology, electrical charge in 3 separate points
- Tactical sharp striking edge on top of unit
- Military grade aluminum alloy with shock proof exterior
- Blinding 3 watt Cree LED light w/long life of 1000,000 hours
- 5 Light modes: maximum, medium, low, strobe and SOS
- Long reach, 13.5 inches, provides safe distance from criminal
- Removal recharging batteries, no need to buy another unit
- Holster and wrist strap included

A must have for the home, personal use or when you are on the go in a car or truck. 10 Million volts of powerful self defense! It can't get any better than that!

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