Monday, October 6, 2014

Ever Notice Motorcycle Riders Carrying Batons On Their Keychains?

There's a reason they do. Batons are non lethal weapons that can stop an attacker, and can be used over and over again by men or women!

You've probably seen these nifty self defense batons and perhaps wondered what they are used for… Well, for one thing, they are excellent for jabbing, hitting pressure points on an attacker's body and can be used for key flailing, too! We have these in our store, but our's have an extra punch! You see, the units we sell also contain pepper spray for men or women's self defense!

The Mace Pepper Spray Baton with key ring, is a multi-tasking weapon! PLUS, it's refillable! The Good ol' baton that's been used for decades, also includes pepper spray now! Talk about convenience… Needless to say, men or women like to have these stylish units, just in case! They are virtually indestructible and machined from heavy aluminum. These units, when sprayed, can reach 5 feet away and contain 6 bursts… If used up, no worries, as mentioned before, they are refillable! Of course they are "cool looking" too, and available in 5 colors: black, red, pewter, blue and purple.

Next time you need to give a man or a woman, a gift… Impress them with a Mace unit that will offer self defense, as well as helping to carry their keys!

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