Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Women Don't Have To Be The Weaker Sex!

Us women are considered the weaker sex but if we equip ourselves with these products, we could very well become a power to be reckoned with!
"Women are weak"… Excuse me, not anymore! It's called the Women's Self Defense Package and it includes three items: Lipstick Stun Gun, Lipstick Pepper Spray and a Hair Brush Diversion Safe that looks like an ordinary beauty product. Ladies, we are no longer the weaker ones, with these items! Two for personal defense and one to protect our valuables… There are many feature that make these items a must have for us. We'll describe the basics here, but at the bottom is the link to the package for more details.

The Lipstick Stun Gun is a powerful 3 Million volts disguised weapon for self defense. When you touch a person with a stun gun for 2, 3 or more seconds, they will eventually fall to the ground and become completely helpless. This is because it temporarily affects the muscles. Leave immediately afterwards!

The Lipstick Pepper Spray is another item that can come in handy at bars, parking lots, college, work… you name it! Of course, it's also disguised and can reach 6 feet away, contains 5 bursts of devastating self defense heat and is available in pink, black, blue, silver and red.

The Hair Brush Diversion Safe is the third product of this package. It can be used as a regular brush, but it also has a small compartment for your valuables. You can hide jewelry, money or any small items in it. Remember that the items might make noise, so we advise to add some cotton or a rag, so that they don't slide around!

For more information about each product, go HERE!

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