Tuesday, November 8, 2016

A Sample of Stun Guns and Batons from WomenOnGuard.com

If you are looking for a self defense unit, you landed on the right place. We carry a huge amount of products for your personal protection! 

Since 2006, we have supplied women and men, with self defense units. Some are disguised, such as the perfume units... Attackers assume that you want to freshen up for them, NOT! We carry stun guns that with one simple touch, will drop an attacker or rapist within seconds. Along with stun guns we also have stun batons, that add an extra space between you and a rapist. Stun Batons are handy to have in your home for protection from intruders, as well. These units add extra space, between you and a attacker. They are also handy when, for example, going around your block to take your dog for a walk.

Stun Guns or Stun Batons, only require that you TOUCH a mal intentioned individual with the unit. No need to push or hit an attacker... the unit will do the work for you! Just simply watch them fall to the ground and become incoherent, then leave the scene immediately. Plus, almost all the stun guns and batons we sell, include an LED light. An LED light is very convenient to shine into a rapist or intruder's eyes and temporarily blind them! 

Most of our stun guns also include a DISABLE PIN. The disable pin attaches to the stun gun. If you come across an attacker and they grab the unit from you, they will not be able to use the unit against you, because the wrist strap stays around YOUR WRIST when they grab it. You see, the unit won't work, if the wrist strap is not attached to the main unit. But you will be the only one that knows this valuable feature! Always remember to keep the disable pin attached to the unit and around your wrist. Especially if you exercise outdoors and need self defense.

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