Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Our Smallest Stun Guns With 20 Million Volts!

These stun guns are almost as small as a door key, yet include 20 Million Volts of self defense power! The unit is easy to conceal, affordable and very effective for self defense.

By  looking at them, you would never know what they are capable of. A 20 Million volt touch will drop a criminal to the ground and render him or her incapable of standing up, for a few minutes. All you have to do is simply touch them with the unit, not push them, until they fall to the ground. The Smallest Stun Gun with 20 Million Volts, will take care of the rest! While they are on the ground and incoherent, you can escape safely. Very effective for self defense

The Smallest Stun Gun with 20 Million Volts Features
- Smallest in the market
- Rechargeable 20 million volts
- LED light to shine into a criminal's eyes an span surroundings
- Measures 3.25 in. x 0.75 in. x 0.50 in.
- Only weighs 0.25 pounds
- Includes slide activation switch for quicker results
- Built with a convenient key ring
- Has 2 safety levels, to prevent accidental discharge
- Easy to conceal since it's a very small unit
- Available in 3 colors
- Charges with a built-in USB port and recharging cord

Plus, this unit comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY from manufacturer's defect and is affordable, only $19.89!

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