Thursday, November 17, 2016

NEW: College Safety Package for Women Students

If you have a daughter in college, you might consider getting her a few items that will keep her safe. Our store has 3 items she shouldn't be without!

Below are the essential units that will keep your daughter safe while in college. We gathered 3 items from our store that she shouldn't be without. It's called the College Safety Package, see below!

Drink Guard Date Rape Drug Detector - Small cards that will let her know if her beverage is safe, by watching if a drop simply changes colors. Best if she test's the Drink Guard Date Rape Drug Detector inside a rest room.

Slider Stun Gun Flashlight  w/ 10 Million Volts - Touching an attacker with 10 million volts, will drop them to the ground and make them incoherent, while she escapes from harms way.

Pepper Spray with Keyring - Shoots an attacker with burning pepper spray and can be unattached from the key ring, in case she needs to open a door or her keys are in the car's ignition.

For more important safety information for women, go to:

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