Thursday, November 3, 2016 has Mace Pepper Spray with TEAR GAS Too!

In case you never knew... At, we also sell pepper spray with TEAR GAS! So besides the heat and eye pain, the attacker will also inhale the hot substance.

As we all know, Tear Gas is used often by Police for controlling riots! But guess what? You can also use it against an attacker to protect yourself! Simply purchase Mace pepper spray that includes Tear Gas on our website.

The Mace Tear Gas Pepper Spray units come in 3 sizes: Pocket, Personal and Police models. Prices range from $16.99 thru $18.99! Well worth it's cost for women or men's self defense. The largest Police model contains 10-20, one-second bursts and sprays 8-12 ft. The Personal model contains 10 to 20 bursts and sprays  8-12 ft. The Pocket model contains 5 to 15 bursts and sprays up to 6-12 ft. All 3 units also include flip tops and a key chain.

PLUS, don't forget that all 3 sizes, also include TEAR GAS, along with pepper spray for self defense! AND all the units include a UV Marking Dye, that facilitates the police to identify an attacker, when he or she is placed under a UV Lamp!

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