Friday, November 18, 2016

Did You Know That Mace® Makes Pepper Guns?

Using non lethal Mace® Pepper Guns, will protect you and you won't go to prison for using it! The 2 replaceable cartridges are available with water, for practice and with real hot pepper for self defense. All for only $59.99!

The Holidays are around the corner and the Mace Pepper Gun Defense Spray with STROBE LED, make wonderful and unique gifts for the Holidays. Offering your loved ones these incredible non lethal units, shows that you care for them and want to keep them safe.

Mace Pepper Gun Features
- Non lethal, protection against attackers
- Burst reaches a distance of 20 feet away
- Sprays 6-7 blasts per cartridge
- Trigger can be pressed until emptied
- Shoots sideways and upside down, as well
Has LED night light vision to temporarily blind attackers
Includes STROBE LED to disorient attackers
- Includes safety switch, to prevent children from using it
- Includes pepper spray and water cartridges for practice
Available in black, pink and silver colors
- Very easy to use, when time is of the essence

If you don't know what to offer your loved ones for the Holidays, consider the Mace Pepper Gun Defense Spray with STROBE LED, that reaches 20 feet away. It's a unique gift that can protect their lives for only $59.99!

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