Thursday, November 10, 2016

Watch the TASER PULSE Demo!

Our website has the TASER Pulse, for women or men's, non lethal self defense.

The TASER PULSE is small and includes incredible features that firearms don't have! Non lethal protection, for $399.99 and won't land you in prison.

Incredible TASER PULSE Features
- No kickback for women, won't hurt your shoulder
- Measurements: Length: 5.25", Height: 4.75", Width: 1.25"
- Reaches a distance of 15 feet
- Laser sight for perfect aiming
- If stolen during incident, it's replaceable for free w/police record
- LED light blinds attacker and helps view surroundings
- Replaceable battery
- Non lethal, you won't go to prison for using it
- Stun gun backup
- No nasty cleaning required and MORE!

This TASER PULSE for $399.99, is perfect for women and men. It has features firearms can't match.

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