Friday, July 13, 2012

Fake or Dummy Surveillance Cameras

You probably are thinking; what's the point of buying a security camera, if it really doesn't work? The answer is, that intruders get deterred from trespassing into your home or business, if they see anything that remotely resembles a real surveillance camera.

Dummy security cameras look as real as the working ones. Most are made with the actual shell of real existing devices! They all include a flashing red light that announces to any burglar, the property is protected from intruders. In fact almost if not all intruders can not tell the difference. OK, so they don't record video, but they also are no where near what a real surveillance system would cost! But the fact that they can deter intruders from entering your home or business is a good enough reason to consider this inexpensive option. Setting up a real surveillance system can be very expensive and with today's economy, fake options are the next best thing!

These Fake Security Cameras for your home or business, come in two categories; the outdoor ones and indoor ones. The outdoor ones, typically have a top cover, to prevent them from being ruined by rain. The flashing red light requires in most cases, that you buy 2 "AA" batteries. But some don't even require batteries, the red light is powered by a solar cell which is included on the top portion of the units. Many of these dummy units also have exposed cables that make them look even more realistic!

So there your have it... If you can't afford to buy a real surveillance system with video and all, these dummy cameras can be the next best thing!

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