Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pepper Spray Brands at Women On Guard™

At we take pride in selling the most reliable, crime fighting pepper spray that you can buy in the market today. We have 2 categories on our website that deal strictly with personal defense sprays.

The Mace category has a variety of products in hard shaped plastic cases and soft cases. We have them available in liquid stream, foam, gel and fog consistencies. You can buy them in different colors as well. Three products come disguised as a pen, gun and kubotan (martial arts weapon) shapes. Not only do the disguised ones have an element of surprise for an attacker, but the pen actually writes and has refills. The Mace Gun can shoot pepper as far as 20 feet away and the Kubotans can really be used as martial arts weapons, for personal safety, as well as being able to release pepper! We even have a personal spray that has a flashlight attached to it, for low light situations! All these Mace safety products include a UV Dye, that help authorities identify an attacker, if they are captured for their crime. Plus, in case you didn't know, we also have Mace Muzzle, for aggressive dogs and Bear Spray for all of you campers or hunters!

The Pepper Spray or StreetWise category is the other brand of pepper spray you can buy at The types of pepper available in this particular brand are liquid stream and foam. They are available in different colors as well and you can also buy them in soft or hard cases. StreetWise also has disguised safety products, to fight crime, such as pens, pagers, lipsticks and perfume shaped defense spray. This brand contains a UV Dye to identify criminals, just like the previous category. StreetWise also includes larger defense items such as the 3 and 4 oz. pepper items and even a 1 pound, pistol grip canister for your home!

Both brands above include a key ring, for convenience, with the exception of the disguised products. Some of the items in our website even come with quick key release attachments! Please contact us with any questions regarding these crime prevention items or any of our other defense products.

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