Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What are Stun Batons and How do They Work?

Peacemaker Stun Baton
Have you ever heard of a stun baton? Many people are not sure what they are. Most everyone is familiar seeing nightsticks on law enforcement officers. Well, those nightsticks are also called batons. But we have special shock batons that are made to touch a person, not hit them over the head with it!

Just a simple touch is all you would need with our powerful Stun Batons for self defense! These incredibly resourceful sticks are perfect for protecting yourself or your home and family. If you have a baseball bat under your bed, it's time to get rid of it and buy one of these babies. They work just like a Taser would, by electrically shocking a person, but instead of shooting it towards a person, you touch them with the weapon. Touching someone with this self defense weapon for just a one second shock, will cause an attacker or intruder to loose muscle contraction. If you keep touching the criminal for 5 seconds, they can loose complete control of all their muscles, have total mental confusion, loose their balance and just be in a complete incapacitated daze on the floor!

Mini Stun Baton
Batons come in many shapes and sizes. We have some as short as 10 inches and an expandable one that can reach up to 21.5 inches long! The Stun weapons we carry vary from 750,000 volts to all the way up to 6 million powerful volts of self defense! You can shock an intruder with the tips of these batons. PLUS, some of these weapons have a shocking capacity if they are touched on the sides as well! This is a great feature, especially if someone tries to get a grip on your weapon in order to take it from you! Many have built in flash lights, are battery operated or rechargeable. Some even have a rubberized exterior, for a firmer grip too.

All of our stun devices come with a FREE HOLSTER and a LIFETIME WARRANTY!

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