Thursday, July 26, 2012

Advantages of Non Lethal Weapons

Guns and other lethal weapons are being focused upon by Americans lately. It is no surprise, considering the Colorado fatalities and the increase of mass shootings in our country. But with all the talk about firearms and the shootings in Colorado, nobody has mentioned the non lethal means of defending ourselves with alternative products.

Photo by Alan Cleaver
When you think about police all over the world using Tasers, more than guns, it kind of makes you wonder if the fascination over firearms is overrated. There is a reason why police have chosen non lethal means, and civilians should also consider that weapons such as these, are just as effective in controlling assault crimes as fatal ones are. The most important aspect of alternative defense is that nobody gets killed and you are less likely to end up in jail, when you defend yourself or your family.

Non lethal weapons come in all sizes and shapes. You have your basic pepper spray that was used by ancient Chinese armies, hundreds of years ago, to the more sophisticated, powerful Citizen Tasers, that are used today. Plus all the other in-between non lethal self defense items, such as stun guns that come disguised as batons, cell phones and even lipstick! All of these devices are very effective in preventing crime.

Of course, the most powerful non lethal product on the market for civilians is the citizen Tasers. They are just like the ones police use, except that they reach a distance of 15 feet, versus 30. Below are some, not all, of the benefits of these units over firearms. They are priced higher than the above mentioned weapons, but similar to what you would pay for a decent gun.

Taser C2 in Electric Blue Color
Tasers C2, M26c and X26c
  • Non lethal
  • Laser aiming
  • Automatic continual shocking mode (just place on the ground and escape)
  • Stun gun backup (if more than one attacker is present)
  • FREE replacement of Taser (by the manufacturer, if stolen and police record of incident is available)
  • No permit required in most States
  • Flashlight (LED)
  • No kickback, won't pull you back when used
  • No messy cleaning of powder

Self defense doesn't always have to end with someone dying. Colorado citizens, shouldn't go out in masses to purchase firearms because of the shootings. It doesn't matter in which State you happen to live in, your home doesn't have to include a dangerous firearm near your children. Non lethal means is the best way to deter crime and have a clear conscience as well.

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