Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Immobilizer Cell Phone Stun Gun Just Got Better!

This beautiful stun gun weapon that is disguised as a cell phone is stronger and no longer requires batteries.

The Immobilizer Cell Phone Stun Gun is less than 4 inches tall and looks like a cell phone. Nobody will know you are carrying a disguised self defense weapon! It easily fits in a purse or pocket and packs 5.5 Million powerful volts that will take any attacker down. Touching someone with this cell phone stun gun, for less than a second, causes muscle contractions. Stunning an attacker for 5 seconds will cause mental confusion, loss of balance and loss of muscle control, leaving the person in a complete daze. Even if you simply fire it up in the air, it will make people stay away from you!

This disguised self defense product is also rechargeable. Just simply plug it into a wall socket! It also includes a 6 bulb LED flashlight for better visibility in dark places. The unit itself is protected with a rubberized shell which helps with gripping and prevents the weapon from slipping out of your hand. Of course it also has a safety switch and comes with a convenient holster with belt clip. 

Last but not least, this self defense weapon has a LIFETIME WARRANTY and is also available in Pink. Please consider purchasing the Pink Immobilizer, since a portion of the proceeds goes to fight against BREAST CANCER. Protect yourself and help a cause, all at once!

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