Friday, July 20, 2012

Personal Safety for Your Daughter in College

Is your daughter or someone you know headed to college this fall? Besides getting good grades, it is very important that they stay safe. Just like in society, college campuses also have their share of crimes being committed.

Many students carry pepper spray on campus, but sometimes administration frowns upon this, so the most accepted defense weapon is a personal alarm. Colleges have security present, so if your daughter or son carries an alarm and sets it off, campus security would most likely hear it and act accordingly. We all hear about crime committed against students, specifically sexual crimes against women. This is not to say that boys or men aren't targets as well, but very few compared to women. You and her should keep in mind that women college students are 4 times more likely to be raped than other women in our society!

Personal Alarm with Flashing Light
Keep your daughter's safety in mind by selecting one of our Personal Alarms. Make sure she puts it in her back pack or purse and has it with her while on campus! Let her know that she should always take it out of her backpack and in her hands, when she is walking alone in college, especially when it is DARK OUT! It is one less step for her to take if she has to set the alarm off.

Our Personal Alarms come in many shapes and sizes. Some have flashlights, motion sensors and can even serve as door and window alarms, as well. Most are electronic but we also have one that is an aerosol and one that is an emergency whistle.

Encourage your daughter to have good grades, plus encourage her also to follow safety measures to prevent crime while on campus!

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