Friday, November 22, 2013

Affordable Home Security Door Knob Alarm For Only $12.95!

This is the simplest, most convenient and affordable door alarm you will ever have for security. Fits on most home or even office entrances!

Home security is simple with the Pro-Tec-Door Alarm that detects when someone touches or vibrates the knob of your home or office entrance.
Do you need some sort of home, office or hotel protection, but don't know what to get? This Pro-Tec-Door Alarm is our newest addition to our Home Protection category. It has two detection modes for security. One detects "touch" and the other "vibration". For instance, if you have a wooden door and somebody touches the metal handle outside, a sensor function activates the alarm. If your door is plastic or metal, a vibration sensor activates it!

The affordable Pro-Tec-Door Alarm is simple to use whether it's for your home or for a hotel room while you are traveling. The unit sets off a 110dB security alarm continuously for up to 60 seconds, then it will re-arm itself after a 6 second delay. PLUS, you can also set it as a door chime! The chime will sound 2 times and will reset itself after 30 seconds.

This affordable protection unit is very simple to use, just attach it to your entrance's interior knob and select with the side button, whether you want it to chime, set off the alarm or simply turn the unit off! This convenient home, office or hotel protection device also has a red light that indicates when it's armed. It requires 3 AAA batteries that are not included.

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