Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Handy Flashlight, Stun Gun and Glass Breaker All In One!

This incredible and super bright flashlight, not only lets you see better in the dark, but it can be used for self defense against an attacker. Plus, it can save your life if you are in a car accident and need to break a window to escape!

The Police Stun Gun Flashlight 8 Million Volts has Triple Stun Technology, offering 3 sparks, instead of just one and a 200 lumens light for temporarily blinding an attacker.The Police Stun Gun Flashlight 8 Million Volts is very handy to have and built tough! It has a shock proof exterior, made of military grade aluminum. This makes it virtually indestructible. The 200 lumens light included is brighter than most other similar units! Bright enough to temporarily blind someone, if you shine it into their eyes. Very handy if an attacker is coming towards ya! Perfect timing to also shock them with it's powerful stun gun of 8 million volts, which includes 3 arches of electricity, not just one! It's a new technology from Streetwise, called "Triple Stun Technology"! Just sounding it's stun gun capacity into the air will scare anyone away.

This Police Stun Gun Flashlight 8 Million Volts unit for self defense, definitely demands respect and prevents anyone from coming near you. The incredible weapon also has a glass breakage edge, around the light bulb section, to break glass windows. Very convenient in case you are in a car accident and can't open your car windows to get out! The unit includes a safety switch and trigger, right next to each other, for convenience and speed! Plus, this police unit is also RECHARGEABLE, no need for batteries and includes a convenient holster, as well!

Self defense has never been better and with a Lifetime Warranty, from Streetwise Security Products, you can't go wrong!

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