Monday, November 25, 2013

You Disabled Your Attacker Or Home Intruder, Now What?

Handcuffs are convenient for tying up home intruders, rapists or attackers.By using your self defense weapon such as a stun gun or a Taser, you were able to drop a criminal down! But wouldn't it be even better to keep him or her around for police to take them into custody later?

If you are a strong willed woman and believe in justice and self defense, you might consider holding the scumbag, until the police come. It makes a crime more transparent, with no doubt that you were attacked or you had a home intruder! Well… Have you ever considered purchasing pink handcuffs for incidents like this? Maybe not, but it makes sense, especially if the attacker or intruder is in a dazed mental state, which is often the case, when stunned by a Taser or stun gun. But keep in mind that taking matters into your own hands, can be very dangerous!

Handcuffs are convenient for tying up home intruders, rapists or attackers.We have Pink Double Locking Handcuffs in our store, as well as Black ones! Perfect for self defense when an attacker or home intruder barges into your home or private space! Just place his hands behind his back and handcuff them! Then grab a rope or a piece of clothing and tie his feet together. If you happen to be attacked while walking in the streets, just handcuff him to a street sign or handcuff his feet together and call authorities!

This kind of maneuvering with an attacker, as mentioned before, can be dangerous, but you never know what kind of circumstances may arise, when you wish you had a pink or black pair of these at your disposal!

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