Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Discrete Perfume Pepper Spray For Your Self Defense!

We just added to our website the round perfume, disguised pepper spray for women. It's just as powerful and beautiful as the heart shaped one and is available in purple, black and pink. 

Disguised pepper spray for women's self defense, looks like perfume but will make a would be attacker, cry like a baby and will temporarily blind him.
There is no better way to protect yourself from a would be attacker then by using a self defense weapon that does not look like one! This powerful 18% disguised unit is much stronger than others in the market which only have 10% concentration of the devastating hot substance. If he starts to get a little aggressive toward's you, just simply pull this beauty out and pretend you are going to freshen up, but instead turn it against him by taking the cap off, aim it directly into his eyes and fire away!

The Round Perfume Shape Pepper Spray for women's discrete self defense, might look pretty, but it can cause incredible devastation to a would be attacker. It makes him have to close his eyes from all the burning feeling, therefore temporarily blinding him. It will also make him choke and cough up a storm… This Round Perfume Shape Pepper Spray reaches up to 6-7 feet away and contains approximately 5-6 shots. Plus, as you can see in the attached picture, it's very small… Discrete and perfect to hide in your pocket or purse. The disguised unit also includes an invisible UV Dye that marks an attacker and makes it easier for police to identify him, if captured.

As always, keep this discrete self defense unit handy with you at all times. You never know when a situation might arise, where you might need it. It makes a great women's gift for the Holidays, as well!

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