Friday, November 1, 2013 Self Defense Products On WPTV News in West Palm Beach Florida

On October 31st, the West Palm Beach, WPTV News, featured an interview with Susan Eaton, one of the owner's of our website. WPTV was focusing on the fact that October 31st, was also "Safety Alert Day". interview by WPTV News in West Palm Beach, Florida.
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The spot was on self defense products for women, and as you know, that is what we specialize in! The disguised, non lethal, self defense products were mostly the focus for Kelley Dunn, one of the anchors of WPTV News, in West Palm Beach.

As many of you know, from visiting, the disguised products for women, such as the lipstick pepper spray and stun guns, are very popular with our customers. Plus, of course, there was a demonstration of the Taser C2 and the Mace Pepper Gun. Susan also noted that many of our stun guns include disable pins, that prevent units from working and being used against you, if they are taken from you by an attacker.

We hope you enjoy watching the demonstration interview video shown above and please SHARE! Let your friends know that guns aren't the only weapons you can use for self defense, there are non lethal, self defense products available, as well!

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