Monday, November 11, 2013

Don't Fall Asleep At The Wheel This Holiday Season

Make holiday traveling safer by using a Nap Zapper driver Sleep Alarm, that prevents you from falling asleep!
Photo by BDegan
Long driving trips to visit relatives for the holiday vacations can be dangerous. But we have a nifty little gadget for only $7.95, that most people don't know about, and will prevent you from falling asleep at the wheel!

The Nap Zapper Driver Sleep Alarm is great for truck drivers, night shift workers, security guards and cramming for exam students, because it sounds a loud alarm to wake a person up, if they are nodding their head forward.This almost weightless gadget is called the Nap Zapper Driver Sleep Alarm. It only measures 2 3/4" x 2" x 1/2". You place it comfortably around your ear and forget about it. But if the Nap Zapper senses that you start nodding forward, it will sound a loud alarm to awaken you and also let your passengers know about your tiredness. This unit requires 3 LR41 batteries, that are already included. Perfect for long holiday driving trips!

Not only does the Nap Zapper prevent you from falling asleep, on long family holiday vacation trips, but it's also useful for truck drivers, security guards, late shift workers and even students can use it while studying for exams, to stay awake.

Whether you use this alarm gadget for vacation driving trips, work or for studying to not fall asleep, it definitely is worth having. It makes a great holiday gift, as well!

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