Friday, November 8, 2013

Mace Triple Action: Pepper, Tear Gas and UV Dye!

Women should carry pepper spray in isolated alleys.
Photo by wasbubs
Ladies, this is not just your run of the mill pepper spray for women. It contains 3 powerful self defense solutions that when combined, makes an attacker totally helpless.

The Mace Triple Action Defense Spray Pocket Model for women, includes pepper, tear gas and UV Dye for self defense.
It's called the Mace Triple Action Defense Spray Pocket Model. This small self defense Mace product has a flip top safety cap and a key chain, so that you can always keep it handy. As you probably know the pepper will make an attacker's eyes burn, so he will have to shut them. Plus, it causes uncontrollable coughing and chocking. The tear gas will make his face feel like it's burning and he will become disoriented! Lastly, the UV Dye, will invisibly mark him, letting police affirm that they captured the right criminal, by placing him under a UV lamp!

The Mace Triple Action Defense pepper spray with tear gas, is perfect for women to carry. It contains 5, one-second shots and can reach up to 12 feet away. Perfect for self defense! Always have your pepper spray with tear gas out and ready for use, whenever you feel uneasy about your surroundings. Such as a parking garage, stairwell, alley or any other vulnerable area. Always be aware of your surroundings and walk confident, because most attackers choose the women that look the most vulnerable or weak… STAY SAFE!
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