Monday, January 13, 2014

Secure Your Front Door And Sliding Doors

Home security is very important these days. It's important for families  it's especially important for women that live alone or single moms.

Women or single mom's homes, will be safer if they use the Dual Function Door Brace to protect their entrances from intruders.
Many of us don't have enough money for a home security system… So what's the next best thing? It's simple, very strong and will keep intruders from entering through your dwelling's front entrance as well as entrances that use sliding doors. We are talking about the Dual Function Door Brace.

This simple, yet strong 20 gauge steel intruder interceptor, is the answer to your home's unprotected entrances. Sure, us women might have locks in place, but locks can be picked or broken. This solid steel unit is strong and will last for years to come. Plus, it has 2 different ends, depending if you want to secure a sliding or just a regular door. The U-shaped end is made to lean against a regular conventional knob for entrances, as well!

Dual Function Door Brace Features
• Made of strong 20-gauge steel
• Adjustable, measures from 31" to 45" length
• Special U-shaped end for conventional entrance knobs
• Padded foot keeps firm grip on floor
• Baked enamel offers attractive finish

So women, don't rely on that old broomstick for your security anymore! This wonderful protection device will not allow trespassers into your home, even if they have a key!

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