Monday, January 6, 2014

Select From 69 Pepper Sprays Models, Including One For $6

At, we have a huge assortment of defense pepper spray! They are available in all shapes, sizes, colors, disguised and some, such as the Mace Gun, that can reach up to 20 feet away! has 69 pepper spray models to choose from for self defense and also offers bulk rates.
Mace KeyGuard
Women or men need some sort of self defense item. Our prices vary from an affordable $6 to up to $69, depending on the features of each unit. We carry the Mace, Streetwise, Tornado and Pepper Shot brands. The units include alarms, lights, writing capabilities and more! They all include an Invisible UV Marking Dye, for easy identification if an attacker is caught by the police. These self defense units are offered in several spray patterns, such as a stream, cone shaped spray, gel or foam. They cater to your specific needs. For example, you might want the unit to reach far, reach a wide area, expand or stick to an attacker's face! Furthermore, the majority of our units include a belt clip or key ring for your convenience. The $6 one, even has a quick key release keychain! sells the Pepper Shot defense spray for only $6 dollars and it includes a quick key release keychain.
Pepper Shot, $6

Plus, some self defense units in our store are available to buy in bulk. For example; 10 or more of the same pepper spray units. Some of our personal alarms are available in bulk, as well. We've sold products to realtors, universities, nursing homes and even to our military and other types of establishments. You don't have to own a company to buy in bulk. Just as long as you purchase 10 or more of the same pepper unit or 2 or more of the same personal alarms. can also answer any of your questions regarding the products that we sell, on the phone or thru email. Simply go to contact us, for further information!

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