Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Who Doesn't Need An Emergency Safety Kit For Their Car?

This one has a multipurpose rechargeable emergency tool that can even recharge a cell phone… It has other essentials such as a stun gun, pepper spray, hidden safe and a product that wakes you up, if you are falling asleep at the wheel.

A Car and Truck Emergency Safety Kit includes the essential tools for your peace of mind; a stun gun, pepper spray, wakeup gadget for drivers and even a crank for making electricity when needed, such as when your cell phone looses it's charge.
You will find this package in our Package Deals section. It's called the Car and Truck Emergency Safety Kit and it includes 5 great products.

1. Car Emergency Tool - See details
2. Nap Zapper - See details
3. Stun Master Stun Gun - See details
4. Pepper Spray w/Auto Visor Clip - See details
5. Engine Degreaser Can Safe - See details

Not only does this Car and Truck Emergency Safety Kit have the essentials, but it also has innovative features, such as the fact that it's rechargeable. It has a hand crank which charges itself and offers electricity for charging a cell phone, it's flashlight, blinking lights, etc. This rechargeable unit also has a seat belt breaker, a glass cutter and other helpful tools! Included in this package is a small nifty little piece that fits around your ear and prevents you from falling asleep while driving... A pepper spray along with a powerful 7.4 million volt stun gun for self defense is also included, as well. If you need to hide any valuables, it also includes the perfect disguised or hidden safe, that looks like an engine degreaser can! Just put the can in the trunk and nobody will know you have valuables in it.

The perfect package for yourself and anyone else that drives a car or a truck. Especially handy for people that drive frequently or take long trips at night.

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