Thursday, January 9, 2014

Miami Police In Pursue Of A Rapist

If you live in Miami Florida, you should be aware that there is a rapist in the North East section of the city that attacked and raped a woman. 

North East Miami, Florida rapist.
Police have gotten information from several eye witnesses that have seen a suspicious individual which matches a photo of this rapist. Police also say that by the way witnesses have described him, he seems to be the type that has repeated his crime and is very arrogant and dangerous. This individual raped a woman in broad daylight, according to Miami, Florida police. He jumped into the passenger seat of a women's parked car and forced her to go into the back seat of her car. He later raped her, after driving a few blocks. Witnesses also say that he has a peculiar arrogant walk. Click here to view video!

If you are a woman that lives in the NE area of Miami, Florida, please be cautious and inform police immediately if you see a suspicious character roaming around. He might be the rapist!

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