Tuesday, January 7, 2014

9.5 Million Volt Police Stun Gun

This Police Force unit for women or men, doesn't have a light, to make more room for extra built in batteries and provide a stronger self defense punch!

Women and men's 9.5 Million Volt Police Force Stun Gun for self defense is optimized with extra batteries, includes snap holster, disable pin and rubberized exterior.
You can tell just by holding it, that it's slightly heavier than our other units of it's size. But it includes the essentials for powerful takedown power! As mentioned above, it packs an incredible 9.5 million volts of take down power. Originally built for the police force, it's reliable and easy to use. Plus, the stun gun is rechargeable, so you don't need to mess with buying extra batteries. The unit is also protected by a rubberized exterior which also prevents it from sliding off your fingers. Of course it has a disable pin, as well. The disable pin strap goes around your wrist. If an attacker grabs the unit from you, the pin stays on your wrist which renders the taken unit useless! You see this powerful stun gun only works when the disable pin is attached.

This 9.5 million volt, Police Force Stun Gun for women or men's self defense, comes with a slick holster that looks like a cell phone case. It allows you to wear your weapon in plain sight! The lid, snaps into place with a magnet and it includes a clip and belt loops, too. Best of all, this unit also comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

To summarize... A superb, 9.5 million volt, self defense weapon for women or men.

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