Friday, May 16, 2014

Barbara Walters, Setting An Example For Future Generations Of Women

A true icon in American society since 1961 that has inspired so many career women in our country, will soon retire.

Barbara Walters, a professional inspiration for career women, will retire on May 16th of this year.
On May 16th, Barbara Walters who is 84 years old, will retire from "The View". There is going to be a special about this women's icon, called "Her Story" on the ABC network, starting at 9pm tonight!

It seems like Barbara Walters has been on television, for ever! Back in the  70's, "Saturday Night Live", made fun of her by naming her, "Barbara WaWa". Her nickname is still remembered affectionally, to this day. She started her career as a writer for the "The Morning Show" on CBS and appeared as a correspondent on "Today". She also anchored "20/20", on ABC for several years and most recently, is one of the hosts in "The View".

We hope that Barbara Walters will still appear on television sometimes, even if she's retired… She is indeed a wise woman and can still influence future generations of career women to come.

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