Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A Female Student Alleges Being Raped At The University Of Oregon By Three Male Students

We are placing this information, not because it's something new, but because it happens all the time at colleges and universities and it's wrong!

University of Oregon
It's sad, but true that rapes or sexual assaults are much more prevalent in college campuses than anywhere else in our society. So it's no surprise that the University Of Oregon dragged their feet when a female student declared that she was allegedly raped by 3 male basketball players of the university. The University of Oregon waited 7 weeks to finally take action and it was only a suspension. This was after many students protested on campus regarding the sexual assaults!

As you all know, sports is very important in most American universities and this one, made sure to keep it's basketball players on the team, during "March Madness". Plus, to make it even more ironic, one of the 3 accused players was actually expelled for rape, from Providence College in Rhode Island! This was before he transferred to the University of Oregon.

Sexual assaults should NEVER happen in colleges or universities and students that are accused of it, especially more than once, should be expelled immediately. Not just suspended temporarily... Colleges need to focus more on education instead of sports such as basketball. Hopefully in the end, these 3 basketball players will be kicked out forever, if found guilty!

Read entire article from the Los Angeles Times.

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