Thursday, May 8, 2014

Your Mom Wants A Taser C2 For Mother's Day!

What better gift to offer your mom or wife, then a self defense weapon that protects her from crime. A weapon that police use to catch criminals… She knows they exist because she's seen those ads for Taser Parties… Not to be confused with Tupperware ones!

You can't buy her the version that police officials use but you can purchase a very similar unit, built for citizens, that she can use for self defense. The Taser C2 was built with women in mind, so your mom will have no problem using it. It has no kickback, a feature that firearms don't have, so she won't hurt her shoulder while she uses it against an attacker. Check out the incredible features below!

The Taser C2 is the perfect Mother's Day gift, because the weapon has incredible self defense features for women.Taser C2 Self Defense Features
Non lethal weapon
15 Feet of protection
Easy laser aiming
LED flashlight
Stun gun backup
Auto 30 sec. stunning if set down 
No permit required in most States
No kickback
No cleaning
Taser Int’l replaces if stolen...

Yes, if the Taser unit is stolen from your mom, she can file a police report and Taser International will replace her unit for FREE! Plus, there's nothing complicated about using this great weapon, just slide the safety cover back and press a button. The laser's red light dot, will also help her aim perfectly at a criminal!

For Mother's Day, take your mom's safety for consideration. Instead of giving her flowers and candy, surprise her for Mother's Day with a Taser!

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