Monday, May 12, 2014

Prevent Toddler Drownings With A Pool Alarm

Prevent small children or toddlers from drowning with the Pool Alarm this summer!If you own a pool and have small children or a toddler, make sure your water hole is safe this coming summer from drownings. Especially if you can't watch it 24/7!

We have a product that can make your life a lot easier this summer and give you peace of mind, as well. It's impossible to watch your kids all the time and there is a product that can really help parents avoid drownings. It's called the Pool Alarm. It literally sounds an alarm, if a splash occurs in your water hole. It consists of an electronic sensor outside and a remote receiver inside your home. A loud pulsating sound will go off in your home, if someone or something splashes in your pool! This is a lifesaving system, especially if you have small children or toddlers.

The unit is placed on your pool deck, next to the water. It will be constantly ON, unless you  deactivate it and put it into sleep mode. If someone tries to steel the unit, it also will sound off the alarm. The receiver in your home can be placed up to 200 feet away from the electronic sensor outside, that's by your water hole!

Safety precautions to prevent drownings are of most importance in the summer and also throughout the rest of the year. Especially if you have small children or toddlers! It is handy if you have small pets, as well! For more details, go to the link above.

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