Friday, May 2, 2014

The Perfect Gift For Mothers With Toddlers!

Some mothers need the Child Safety Panda Alarm to keep track or their toddlers.Are any of your friends a mother of a toddler? If so, we have the perfect Mother's Day gift you can give her.

When mothers have small children, one of their biggest worries is loosing a toddler in a department store, park or any other place with crowds. The concern of course is obvious; there are too many sickos in our society that kidnap small helpless children.

The Child Safety Panda Alarm was made for situations like these. No, it's not a leash to tie an infant down, but rather consists of 2 simple units. Mothers know that toddlers love to explore and sometimes moms loose site of their children. This wonderful unit, will bring peace of mind to a mom you might know. Especially when she needs to run errands.

Basically the Child Safety Panda Alarm consists of a wrist transmitter for the infant to wear and a small monitor, for the mom to include it on her keychain. The infant is not tied to any leash! The parent's alarm will go off, if the child wonders further than the distance the mother set previously for the unit. A wonderful system that alerts the mom and can be programed for distances of 3 to 21 feet away! Allowing parents to choose what distance feels the safest for their infant.

You can read more information about this Child Safety Panda Alarm, for wondering toddlers, by clicking on the link above.

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