Thursday, May 15, 2014

Mace Pepper Spray Pink Soft Case with "GLOW TRIGGER" For Personal Protection

Us women know that Mace has been around for decades now, and we also know how dependable this pepper spray brand is. 

The Mace Pepper Spray Pink Soft Case has a "GLOW TRIGGER" to help you find the unit when it's dark, for effective self defense against an attacker.
On January of this year, we introduced to our website the latest self defense spray from this world known brand. It's called the Mace Pepper Spray Pink Soft Case. This attractive unit has an "m" beveled on it's soft case, along with a key ring. But there's more to it than just being pretty!

The latest pink unit from Mace has a feature that other don't have. It's a "GLOW TRIGGER", that helps you find the unit easily if it's in your purse! That's right, this brand thinks about everything. It's no wonder that women trust this brand around the world and for decades now!

Of course we also should mention what it's capable of when it comes to self defense… This pink pepper spray's burst can reach a distance of up to 10 feet away. It contains 15 short bursts and includes an invisible UV Marking Dye, as well. This dye, helps police identify your attacker if captured. It also has a convenient TwistLock Safety Cap. Plus, ladies remember to always aim at the eyes and face!

Dependable self defense for women, effective workmanship and beautiful in more ways than one!

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