Monday, January 12, 2015

Disguised Weapons Bring An Element Of Surprise To A Rapist, Attacker Or Home Intruder!

Our website has disguised non lethal weapons, that women or men can use for self defense. These units bring an element of surprise to a would be attacker.

The unique products come in all shapes and sizes! Some look like cellphones, perfumes, magic markers, walking canes and more…  Our disguised units are available in two categories; the pepper spray units and the stun gun units. We even have Mace Guns! They look like real weapons but shoot mace pepper spray as far as 20 feet away. Plus, a walking cane is included that's great for senior citizens, they need to be safe and exercise too! Included also are stun guns that look like police batons! One  expandable baton, for example, reaches as far as 21.25 inches away!

Check out all our disguised spray or stun device self defense units, for women or men. You'll be surprised with what you find!

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