Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Want To Keep The Ladies In Your Life Safe? We Have The Perfect Solution...

Valentine's Day is around the corner. Nothing would be better than a gift that protect's the women you love, instead of making them gain weight with candy!
Our website has been around since 2006 and one of the most popular packages we have for women, is the Personal Protection Package! It includes 4 essential items: a pepper spray (soft or hard case), personal alarm with 130 dB, stun gun with 8 million volts and a Date Rape Drug Test Strips kit! This package is great for women, especially if they have a job outside of their home, attend college, or basically are out and about, often.

Of course you might want to read the details… Because, these items have many extras that aren't mentioned above. But seriously, if you really care about the women in your life and don't want them to be attacked or become a victim of rape... Offer them a Valentine's Day gift of protection and keep them with you for a long time! Oh, and shipping is FREE!

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