Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Do You Have Exterior Sliding Glass Doors?

If you do, you probably have a broomstick to keep it closed… But sticks aren't very attractive and can break!

We have a better solution called the Dual Function Door Brace. You can adjust it's length and it's made with 20 gauge steel! This sliding door brace accessory is not only good for sliding doors but also for regular doors. It has a 'U" shaped edge that can be placed in an angle under a regular door knob, to keep intruders out, as well!

The Dual Function Door Brace, made of steel, is also great for when you travel and staying in hotels. It's also convenient for college student dorms or any other situation where you need to re-enforce a sliding or regular door. The 20 gauge steel brace has an attractive baked enamel finish and a padded foot that protects floors and ensures good grip. Plus, it's collapsable to 31 inches!

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