Wednesday, January 14, 2015

This Is No Ordinary Pen!

By looking at it, it looks like a simple ballpoint pen, but if you look closer, you'll notice that it doesn't have a ball point to write…
This is because this particular pen isn't used for writing, but rather for self defense! You see this unit is a weapon that only looks like a writing utensil, but it's really a pepper spray in disguise. It's called the Pepper Spray Pen 10% Pepper Shot. The unit includes 5 one-second bursts and can reach up to 6 feet away. The beauty of this unit is that a potential attacker, has no idea that you are carrying a self defense weapon. This gives you the upper hand! Simply place it in your pocket or purse for personal protection.

Aim this self defense spray toward an attacker's eyes and watch him cry like a baby, start coughing and slam his eyes shut from all the pain! This allows you to immediately escape from harms way!

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