Friday, January 30, 2015

Great Valentine's Day Gift For The Active Ones In Your Life, Only $15.99

Those family members that always have something going on, be it catching a bus, going to nightclubs, rushing not to be late for a college test… They have so much in their mind, that sometimes they need a little help!

One of the ways that your loved ones can simplify is by giving them a little gift, called the Mace Portable Multipurpose Alarm for Valentine's Day! This personal self defense unit is inexpensive, only $15.99, but it's very convenient to have for many reasons. The most important, is the fact that it has a 100dB alarm to notify others if you are in danger by simply pushing the red button! It's also convenient because it includes a cable loop to tie it to, for example a parked bike… Or for that matter, it can also be placed on a door knob and if someone moves it, the unit will sound off! You see, it senses vibration as well. PLUS, it sets off the unit if it detects that the cord is cut, battery is low and even if the batteries are removed!

There are no limits on how you can use this small personal self defense Mace Portable Multipurpose Alarm! This Valentine's Day, give them a gift they can use year round! This Mace product measures 2"w x 2.5"h x 0.75"d (not including loop cable).

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