Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Looking For A Useful Valentine's Day Gift, Besides Candy?

Well here's one that can protect your loved ones and at the same time, functions as a flashlight, as well!
It's little, only 7 inches long, but don't let the size fool ya… This small Police Force Stun Flashlight carries 7 MILLION VOLTS of self defense! Now that's a respectable amount of takedown power! It not only has 1 arch but 3 arches of lightning volts that demand respect. Below are the incredible features of this Valentine's Gift that will keep your loved ones safe!

Police Force Stun Flashlight 7 Million Volt Features
- Previously used by police and the military
- Triple Stun Technology creates a loud, bright and painful electric burst
- Touching an attacker w/the unit will drop and disable them temporarily
- Shock proof exterior made with Military Grade aluminum alloy
- Diamond etched to prevent slippage from hand
- Powerful large light that can temporarily blind an attacker
- Rechargeable, just connect to a wall socket
- Includes holster with wrist strap
- Includes a Lifetime Warranty from manufacturer defect

Impress your family and friends with this unit that makes a unique Valentine's Day gift and protects their lives, as well!

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