Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Newest Small Fry Mini Stun Gun Now Has An Incredible 8.8 Million Volts!

Plus, it has a much larger LED light, so that you can aim it at an attacker's face and make it hard for him or her to see you…

This Small Fry Mini Stun Gun 8.8 Million Volts Pink for women is one of our most popular stun guns in our website, especially because a portion of the proceeds goes towards eliminating BREAST CANCER! It's changed quite a bit throughout the years and just keeps getting better! If you are serious about your self defense, this Value Series unit was designed for the price conscience women who appreciate quality products.

Small Fry Mini Stun Gun 8.8 Million Volt Features
- 8.8 Million volts of takedown power
- Built in charger, no need for batteries
- Large LED light, helps temporarily blind an attacker
- Disable pin, prevents attacker from using it on you
- Rubberized armor coating, prevents slippage from hands
- Safety switch, prevents accidental discharge
- Includes a durable nylon holster
- Helps fight BREAST CANCER
- Measures 4 in x 2 1/8 in x 7/8 in.
- Lifetime Warranty from manufacturer defects

Self defense has never been easier with 8.8 million volts! Simply touch an attacker with the unit until he or she drops to the ground and becomes mentally confused. Then run like hell and don't look back. Plus, remember that a portion of the proceeds from your purchase, helps fight BREAST CANCER. It's perfect for VALENTINE'S DAY, as well!

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