Friday, June 5, 2015

Car & Truck Emergency Safety Kit, Great Father’s Day Gift!

Are you looking for a Father’s Day Gift? Well here is a unique package that he will love and use when on the go…
 Father’s Day is just around the corner, June 21st, to be exact! Do you have a gift in mind? We do… it’s a gift that contains 3 items, he will find handy to have. We call it the Car and Truck Emergency Safety Kit!

Your Dad will love this handy gift kit because it contains 3 items that he can actually use. An Engine Degreaser Can Safe that is actually a disguised can, to hide his valuables or money. This Can Safe is even weighted, to feel like the can is full… Then there is the Nap Zapper Driver Sleep Alarm, which prevents your father from falling asleep while driving! When attached to his ear, this unit will wake him up with a loud alarm if your dad knods his head forward while driving! The third item is the strongest stun gun in our website, called the Runt Stun Gun Black 20 Million Volts. This stun gun, is perfect for self defense protection, has a bright LED light, is rubberized and includes other great features as well!

Your dad will love this Car and Truck Emergency Safety Kit! The can safe is convenient for hiding valuables. The stun gun is perfect for self defense and the nap zapper won’t let a driver or in this case, your dad, fall asleep at the wheel… Perfect for a Father’s Day gift!

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