Thursday, June 4, 2015

NEW PRODUCT: Bicycle Safety Headlight

It’s so wonderful to see more of us riding bicycles, for transportation, exercise or to simply have fun. It’s not only pleasurable to ride a bike, but it also helps our bodies and the environment!
Americans are starting to exercise and use bicycles more and more. Sometimes we need to ride our bikes at night, when it’s dark out, and it’s important to let other vehicles know of our presence, for safety. That’s why we added a must have unit to our website, called the Bicycle Safety Headlight! Your bike shouldn’t be without one… Plus, the unit can also be used as a separate flashlight for other uses.

The Safety Headlight is slick! Most importantly, it can save your life when riding your bike at night for exercise or transportation. It includes a handlebar mounting bracket, bright white LED’s for seeing at night and requires 3 AAA batteries that are included for your headlight!

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