Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Fashionable Police Pepper Spray With DOONEY And BOURKE Holster!

Who said fashion couldn’t also be used for women’s self defense? These police DOONEY And BOURKE Holsters are stylish and can protect us from a rapist or attacker.
Ladies, most of us like to follow stylish trends and these units are hot! But in this case we’re referring to the 23% heat burst aimed at the eyes of a rapist… It delivers tremendous burning and pain to the eyes! When inhaled through the criminal’s mouth and lungs, it's devastating and it continuous burning all over his face! He will start to cry like a baby!

The Police Pepper Spray With DOONEY And BOURKE Holster for women, is not only stylish, but has 23% heat, unlike other units that only have 10%! It also includes a safety lock, key ring, strap with swivel bolt snap key clasp and UV Invisible Dye for marking a rapist. These units contain 6 bursts and can reach from 5 to 7 feet away!

Police Pepper Spray With DOONEY And BOURKE Holster for self defense, is perfect for us women to use against attackers. Take it with you when you go to nightclubs or anywhere else for that matter… It’s always important for us ladies, to consider carrying a self defense pepper spray weapon in our society!

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