Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Citizen TASER C2 For Non Lethal Self Defense

It’s a simple to use weapon, just press a button and you can drop a person to the ground that is 15 feet away. Perfect for women or men's self defense! 

Below you will see 4 images of the non lethal TASER: side view, top view w/ closed window, top view with exposed push button and top view with exposed push button, laser sight and flashlight! Simply aim the laser which will look like a red dot on the attacker and shoot the prongs. It includes 2 prongs that shoot out at the same time. The top prong aims exactly where the red dot lands on an attacker. The second prong lands under the first one. Depending on how far you shoot, the second prong, will move further down from the first top prong.

TASER C2 Self Defense For Women or Men
• Non lethal weapon
• 15 Feet of protection
• Easy laser aiming
• Stun gun backup
• Auto 30 sec. stunning if set down
• No permit required in most States
• No kickback, won’t hurt women’s shoulders
• No gun powder cleaning
• TASER Int'l replaces if stolen, w/police record 

The non lethal TASER C2 weapon, with 15 feet of protection, will keep tasing for 30 seconds while you escape. Just place it on the ground and leave the scene! Plus, if the self defense unit is stolen, TASER International will replace it for FREE, if you file a police report! Available in several colors.

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