Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Disguised Pepper Spray That Looks Like A Perfume

You can carry 18% pepper spray in plain site and nobody will know you have a self defense weapon. 

That’s because these black and purple units are disguised to look like a pretty perfume container, when in reality, they are self defense weapons. These 18% hot units, offer women the upper hand, if they decide to aim it toward a dangerous attacker or rapist!

The disguised Pepper Spray Round Perfume Shape in Black or Purple contain 5-6 shots and can reach 7 feet away. These pepper spray weapons, contain 18% of the hot substance, instead of just 10% that other units have! Perfect for aiming it at a rapist! Plus they are simple to use, simply lift the cap and push the button down. Since they are disguised, an attacker or rapist, will think you are just freshening up with a perfume!

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